the b u t c h e r  or the  c a t t l e.

anonymous asked: Daryl+bruised/battered

anonymous asked: Daryl+bruised/battered

Make me choose - [Daryl Dixon or Beth Greene]

I know that I am dead still standing
Though my body’s shaking sweating like Wooo
I can almost taste the hate the rage the mourn the longer
I stare into the eyes of my own
And feel my bloodstream gushing vividly inside x

You’re going to be the last man standing, you are. And you’re gonna miss me so bad when I’m gone, Daryl Dixon.

Make me choose: anon asked → Daryl or Merle?

Norman takes a photo with Greg Nicotero & the TWD cast during  the 2nd Annual Paleyfest

New York Presents: ‘The Walking Dead’ at Paley Center For Media in NY [11.10.2014]

The Walking Dead - Family + Merle.




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